Our Mission, Vision And Values

Express Locum is a brand of Express Medical Personnel Ltd. Our assistants have many years of experience in supplying fully compliant medical professionals including Doctors, GPs, Nurses and Carers of all grades and specialties to both the public and private sector. 

Express Medical Personnel recognises that it is because of dishonesty, greed and bureaucracy that the NHS is disintegrating in the way it is. It is a tragic state of affairs and we will never be an agency that attempts to cash in at the expense of our doctors, the NHS and the communities that we serve.


If we can continue to create jobs for our staff and our doctors, pay our expenses and make a modest percentage for our company, then we are happy.


We work on lower margins than the vast majority of our competitors, and hope this will equate to the NHS being able to afford extra doctors and save more lives as a result. This is why we will not increase our margins ever, even if we are in a position to do so, and even if others are doing so. This is company policy, and we sleep better at night knowing we are good people!  There is far too much greed in this sector and we are proud to be an exception.


Unlike many of the companies operating within this sector,  we work on the lowest possible margins in order to ensure that both the NHS and the doctors we work with get the best possible deal.